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Welcome to the youth account that is as dynamic as you, an account that enables you to achieve your goals and forge your success. As you start out on your path to greatness, it’s good to know that in CBA you have a partner that will be by your side through it all, a bank that will enable you access more financial resources, valuable exposure and connections and therefore enable you to Be More!

The Be More account has been tailor-made to enable you to:

  • Get a uniquely branded Visa Classic Debit Card that complements your lifestyle by allowing you to purchase globally online and at Visa merchant outlets as well as withdraw cash at CBA ATMs, Kenswitch ATMs, PesaPoint ATMs and millions of Visa Branded ATMs worldwide.
  • Bank anytime, anywhere with CBA's internet and mobile banking services that allow you to:
    • Transfer money between your CBA accounts, to other CBA accounts, to other local banks, to international banks and to mobile money accounts, e.g M-Pesa at a subsidized rate of KShs. 40 per Be More account to M-Pesa transaction.
    • Save on transaction fees. (Tariff Guide)
    • Purchase airtime.
    • Request for cheques, new accounts, and stop payments, initiate and amend standing orders via CBA Internet banking.
    • Check account balances and statements.
    • Access credit card account details, card account balances and pay card account.
    • View up to date foreign exchange rates.
    • Search for branch and ATM locations via CBA mobile banking.
  • Be free of ledger fees.
  • Receive HELB loans.
  • Qualify for a supplementary International VISA credit card if your parent or guardian is a CBA credit card holder and authorizes us to give you one.
  • Access shopping and leisure activity deals, event invitations, CBA internships and competitive insurance covers via the Be More Lounge.
  • Access free success tips in money management, investment and career development.
  • Enjoy prestigious banking with prompt assistance via CBA's Contact Centre.
  • Access the wide range of exciting CBA personal banking products.

Be More 2.0

And for those with a full-time salaried job, we understand that you could do with more. Be More 2.0 is designed for you!

In addition to be more account benefits, you are able to;

  • Access a CBA International Visa Credit Card offering you a convenient way to shop or pay for what you need when you need it.
  •  Access Personal Unsecured Loan up to 3 times your net salary.
  • Access Emergency Cash when you unexpectedly need it, with no security required.
  • Own your own home by accessing 105% mortgage financing.
  • Upgrade to another CBA Personal Banking account and access more value on reaching the age of 30 years.

NB: If you are not salaried or don't wish to take up an unsecured credit facility, enquire about our personal secured Credit Card and personal loans.

*Issuance of credit is subject to qualification.