CBA donates Ksh 6Million to Good Samaritan Children's Home

In the spirit of giving during the Christmas Festivities, Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) staff members visited Good Samaritan children’s home on Wednesday 21st December 2016 and donated KES 6,005,670 raised through various bank wide staff activities.

This was a result of a CBA initiative in which staff members went out of their way in fund raising activities to the home.  The immediate need for the Good Samaritan Home was KES 4,250,000. CBA Staff then had an overall target of raising KES 2,125,000 through various departmental fund raising activities with the bank pledging to double the amount raised.

Teams were tasked with coming up with creative ways to raise the funds. There were bake sales, car washes, shoe shines, fundraising parties among other activities.

A total of KES 3,002,835 was raised through the staff activities surpassing the target. The bank then matched the money raised by staff shilling for shilling taking the total amount past the 6million mark.

Dressed as Santa Claus, CBA Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr. Geoffrey Githinji gave a cheque to Mama Mercy the proprietor of Good Samaritan urging everyone’s input in assisting the less fortunate in the society.

In attendance was H-art the Band who heartily performed as they brought joy and happiness to the kids wishing them a Merry Christmas and a happy new year as they enjoyed the gifts and foodstuff which had been donated by the bank and staff members.

The funds raised will go a long way in ensuring a better life for these destitute children


Good Samaritan Home

The Good Samaritan Children's Home and Rehabilitation Center is situated in Mathare Valley near the Kosovo slum. It provides shelter to victims of teenage pregnancy, orphans, family breakdown and separation of spouses leading to abandonment of children and possible child abuse. The home offers shelter, food education, and clothing to these vulnerable children from different parts of the country.

The home was started in 1991 by Mrs. Mercy Thuo on her land in Mathare that she had planned for a residential building. Her motive was to provide support and facilitate holistic care to vulnerable children to enhance their growth, development and hope. Over the years, the home has provided care for thousands of abandoned, neglected and molested children. The children are educated from primary school through to higher education.

At the moment, it houses over 420 children some as young as a year old. There are 40 babies and Nursery School children, 170 pupils in Primary School, 150 students in Secondary School and 60 in Universities or Colleges.

The children are orphaned or abandoned because of the overwhelming poverty in the slums and families that can no longer feed and support them. A number of these children also have health problems including HIV/AIDS and TB for which most are receiving medication. It is especially difficult to care for those few children who have mental problems.

Congestion is a major issue as containing everyone in the premises is quite a challenge. The building has 3 Boys Dormitories, 4 small rooms for girls including founder, small kitchen/serving hall, nursery school classroom, small library and a Sunday school service hall which is also used as a dining hall.

The building is not yet complete and is quite unsafe for the children. This can be confirmed with incidences where children have indeed fallen from the building and harmed themselves. The home is also in need of funds for school fees, food and more land for expansion.