Medical Insurance

One’s health and that of their family is clearly a priority in this day and age. With the ever escalating costs  of  medical  care  it  is  not  always  affordable  or  convenient  to  pay  for  this  cost  out  of  pocket.

Health  insurance  provides  financial  shelter  in  the  event  of  medical  treatment  as a result of sickness or injury.  A  good  health  plan  is  a  necessity enabling one to go about their daily business and life knowing that in the event of sickness or injury  they are well taken care of.

The  CBA  health  cover  is  designed  to  pay  for  the  costs  of  in-hospital,  day-care  and  out-patient treatment for the family. The cover offers access to credit facilities at all the major hospitals and at selected out-patient outlets country wide.