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KRA iTax Payments

CBA is a KRA appointed agent for purposes of tax remittance. Our online banking platform is customized to facilitate tax payment that makes the process easy, fast and error free. All tax payments done through CBA are updated onto KRA system on a real time basis.

Mobile Collections (CBA Paybill and Till Solutions)

We have partnered with mobile network operators to allow instant receipt funds directly into your bank account from a payer’s mobile money wallet (e.g. M-Pesa). This solution is ideal for high volume, low value transactions. It captures all the relevant depositor information directly onto your account statement, which is then accessible via our online banking platform. This ensure seamless reconciliation of your collections with the added benefit of the ability to validate your customer’s information. Email and SMS notifications are sent to you and your depositor as confirmations of the payment. This product allows a wide geographic reach and is one of the most convenient ways to get paid. 

In-Branch Collections 

This solution will enable you collect funds from your distributors and agents to compile into one centralized account using our branch network. We will ensure data capture at our branches for any information that you require that will aid in reconciliation to your accounting system. Where required we will also provide customised deposit slips that help the person depositing funds to capture all the relevant information.

M-Pesa Super Agency

We are an appointed Safaricom M-Pesa Super Agent. If you are a Safaricom agent, we are able to provide float to you by either selling the float or redeeming the float for cash, reducing the turnaround time for receipt of float to real-time. This service is free of charge to all our customers.Fill out this form now and send it through to us to apply for your Customised Collection Solution 

Valuables in Transit (VIT)

Using a reputable service provider, we offer secure transit of valuables both to and from your premises either on an ad-hoc or scheduled frequency. Available to corporate & SME customers, this service includes the following solutions:

  • Cash/cheque collection (CIT – Cash In Transit)
  • Cash delivery
  • Cash packaging and payouts
  • On-site teller

Cash In Transit requests can now be made at the comfort of your desk through our Online Banking platform.

Direct Debits

Direct debits are an easy and convenient way to collect regular and scheduled payments from your customers. It is regular and automated and gives you control over your receivables. You do not need to waste your resources following up on regular payments; this significantly eases the financial management process. It also frees up time for your employees to concentrate on building relationships and doing more important work.

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