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What is PesaLink?

PesaLink is an easy, affordable and instant bank to bank money transfer that enables customers to send from as low as 10/= to as much as 999, 999/=. It is available 24/7.

How do I access PesaLink?

By using CBA's:

  • Mobile Banking (App and USSD)
  • Internet Banking
  • Branch

What are the PesaLink Features?

  • Instant account to account transfer
  • It operates 24/7
  • It is affordable
  • Accessible from all your bank channels
  • Transaction amount limits are: Kes 10/= to Kes 999,999/=

How do I register for PesaLink?

To register, you will link your mobile phone number to your CBA bank account though the Link Phone menu on the PesaLink menu on your channel as explained below. This can also be done by filling in a registration form at any of the CBA branches.

How to Link your phone to your CBA Bank account

  1. Log into your CBA mobile app and select the PesaLink Menu
  2. Select the Link Your Phone Menu
  3. Select the account number to link
  4. Confirm default account (Y)
  5. Enter your pin number and submit
  6. You will receive confirmation sms from PesaLink and CBA for your registration

How do I send money through PesaLink

  1. Log into your mobile app, USSD or Internet Banking
  2. Select the PesaLink Menu
  3. Select the Pay to Phone or Pay to Account Menu option
  4. Enter recipient details
  5. Enter your pin number and submit
  6. You will receive a confirmation sms from PesaLink and CBA for your transaction

*** You can also make a PesaLink transfer through any of the CBA Branches.

How do I receive payments using my mobile phone number on PesaLink?

To receive payments one needs to have linked their phone number to a bank account. Money sent to the mobile number will be routed to the linked bank account in real-time.

In case of any queries, kindly get in touch with us via or 0800720444/ 0711056444/ 0732156444.