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Payment Solutions

Internet Banking

CBA’s Internet Banking solution is a secure system designed to effect all your payments online. These payment types include:

  • Internal Transfers
  • Local transfer
  • International transfers
  • Bankers cheques
  • Mobile transfers (to M-Pesa, Airtel Money, M-Shwari ,Yu, Orange Money)
  • Tax Payments

Tax payments

The system allows you to make your transactions both as single payments and batch payments, simultaneously allowing you flexibility and efficiency. Once se up, the online banking solution and will save you hours when it comes to your most vital transactions.

Host to Host

CBA Host to Host is a secure and automated two-way payment data transfer service that enables CBA Corporate customers to initiate transactions from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems directly into CBA’s banking systems, without manual interventions. For payments already approved on your ERP, Host to Host eliminates the need to approve these transactions again on the online banking platform cutting down on redundancy and improving efficiency.

Host to Host is best suited for CBA customers who process multiple payments regularly. It can also be utilized by any corporate that operates an ERP system.

M-Shwari express

The M-Shwari product is offered by CBA in partnership with Safaricom’s M-pesa. The Internet Banking platform has been integrated with M-Shwari to enable our customers make payments into M-Shwari accounts using beneficiaries’ phone numbers only. This allows our customer to directly credit any M-Shwari account with funds allowing the beneficiaries make effective savings and promote financial inclusion agenda in Kenya.

Borderless Banking

CBA now offers customers within the Group (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), borderless access to their accounts from any CBA Group branch across the region.

Through ‘Borderless Banking’ CBA Group customers have access to their accounts at CBA Group branches outside their home country. The following are the Borderless Banking transactions that are available to CBA Group customers:

  • Cash Deposits into any account in CBA Group country regardless of domiciled country.
  • Cash withdrawals off their accounts from a different country
  • Funds Transfer between accounts within the CBA Group

Dividends Disbursement

CBA’s Dividend Disbursement Service is a single coordinated service that allows CBA Corporate customers to disburse shareholder dividends using different payment types, in one efficient and seamless process. This is tailored to eliminate reconciliation challenges for the Corporate, and offer shareholders choice on mode of payment receipt.

The dividend payments can be disbursed through Electronic funds Transfer(EFT), Real time Gross Settlement(RTGS), International Transfers (TT), Mobile wallets (M-shwari & Mpesa, Yu, Orange money, Airtel Money) and through traditional Cheque payments.

Corporate ATMs

This solution is targeted at corporate customers who have large numbers of employees focused in a particular location like on a farm or in a rural factory. The solution entails installing ATMs at your premises to be used exclusively by your staff.

Staff members are issued cards which they will use at the ATMs to withdraw their wages and view their balances. Since staff can easily access their finances at any time of the day, they have more time for productive work and never have to worry about not being able to get cash.

Wage Packeting

This solution involves packaging money in predefined denominations and amounts, delivering and distributing these packets to specified beneficiaries. It is a service ideally suited for customers with large numbers of wage-earners who receive low value payments. The solution will not require any capital investment.

Standing orders 

This solution allows for preauthorised, recurring, fixed amount payments out of your account. You will instruct CBA to pay a specified amount, directly from your account, to a named party on a regular basis, for a stated period. This will usually be for payments like insurance premiums, loan repayments, annual subscriptions, and sometimes even salaries.

Mobile Payments

This solution allows you to make payments directly from your corporate current account to beneficiaries on their mobile money accounts (like M-Pesa) on their handsets. We have partnered with Mobile Network Operators to ensure seamless transfers to beneficiaries. With the popularity of M-Pesa, this service is a win-win for both employers and employees; it’s quick, easy and convenient.

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