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Over the years CBA has built up a reputation as the go-to bank for corporates and businesses looking to make their money go further. Beyond the numbers CBA is all about relationships. By means of a dedicated relationship management approach, our business addresses the unique requirements of corporate, institutional and SME customers.

We offer an extensive range of financial solutions, which we tailor to the specific needs of each organisation.

  • CBA Connect
  • CBA ConnectRead More

    CBA Connect

    Internet Banking created just for your business

    more business, simpler banking

    CBA connect is our new online banking solution designed specifically for businesses. It helps manage and plan your corporate finances, for simplified banking that helps you bank from anywhere, at any time. We’ve put your business first by creating a banking platform especially for it, so you always have your business at your fingertips.


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  • Transaction Solutions
  • Business Visa Credit CardsRead More

    Business Visa Credit Cards

    Silver Business Cards

    The CBA Silver Business Card is best suited to corporate organisations, small businesses, institutions and entrepreneurs. This card offers practical benefits when it comes to expense management and accounting. It provides convenient access to instant credit whilst simplifying book-keeping. All of this helps you stay on top of your financials and maintain complete control of your business expenses in every situation.


  • Business Current AccountRead More

    Business Current Account

    CBA’s Business Current Account gives companies of all sizes the sort of financial flexibility and preferred fee structure that makes banking with us a pleasure. Our transactional options, investment vehicles and lending solutions are all tailored to suit your business’s unique needs. We also offer a range of remote banking options that allow you to bank wherever you are, whether it be in the privacy of your home or office, or even on the road or overseas.


  • Lending Solutions
  • Insurance Premium FinancingRead More

    Insurance Premium Financing

    Overburdened by a hefty insurance bill? Are your insurance premiums weighing you down? With easy instalments and quick processing, our Premium Financing can take the load off. We simply give you loan against your insurance premium bills and pay the proceeds directly to your insurer. This way if you ever lose your business or your job, you don’t risk losing everything else at the same time.

    Features and Benefits

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    Asset Finance

    Our asset finance loan facility is designed to enable you to acquire moveable assets with ease. With this product, you can acquire an asset and use it as security for the facility. This product targets corporate customers, institutional customers, SME customers and individuals.

    Our documentation is simple, straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The level of finance we grant allows you or your business to continue operation unhindered. In most cases this product will allow you

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    Term Loans

    Our term loans are designed by carefully analysing your sales figures over the previous years to develop an ideal solution. Our corporate finance specialists can advise you on the safest, most responsible and effective loan amounts and durations based on these figures.

    If you are looking to make a short, medium or long-term investment in your business, we have a variety of solutions for you. These include:

  • Working Capital FinanceRead More

    Working Capital Finance

    CBA’s Working Capital Finance product provides a flexible solution to business finance that caters to the seasonable business demand fluctuations of your industry.

    We offer the following products tailored to meet the short-term funding needs of any business:

    • Overdrafts
    • Invoice discounting and financing
    • Local Purchase Order (LPO) financing

    Your choice of product and level of borrowing is flexible and can be adapted to the cashflow

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  • Investment Solutions
  • Unit TrustRead More

    Unit Trust

    We offer solutions for our customers who are seeking investment options beyond the normal placement of deposits at a bank. If you are considering investing in this way our Money Market Fund and or Equity Fund investment options can be tailored to meet your needs. 

    A unit trust is a great way to dramatically increase your wealth. It is an investment that pools its members’ savings together to provide a greater return on investment for the overall group. Fund Managers invest the

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  • Term DepositsRead More

    Term Deposits

    Our CBA Deposit Accounts are designed to offer maximum return on investment. They offer flexible investment periods with interest that is paid upon maturity or at predetermined times of the year. We give you the choice of investing in both local and designated foreign currencies.  

    Two investment options

    The Call Deposit Account is ideal for the saver who wants to earn high interest over a short term and still have funds to use as needed. With the Call Deposit you may

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  • Cash Management Solutions
  • PesaLinkRead More



    What is PesaLink?

    PesaLink is an easy, affordable and instant bank to bank money transfer that enables customers to send from as low as 10/= to as much as 999, 999/=. It is 

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    Internet Banking

    With CBA Internet Banking you can transform your home or office computer into a complete personal financial management centre. To deliver on this, we have developed a secure, fully transactional, Internet-based banking platform. Click here for more.

    Mobile Banking

    Our mobile banking platform ensures that you can access our services from the comfort of your

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  • Liquidity Management SolutionRead More

    Liquidity Management Solution

    Auto Sweep

    Cash pooling is important to a company's financial management strategy. It allows businesses to maximise on both their current credit and debit positions to receive the greatest benefits. The most popular approach to cash pooling is the concentration of cash into one central account. The company maintains enough money in a current account to cover working capital requirements, with all excess funds moved to an interest earning account. This way the business generates

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    Collection Solutions

    KRA iTax Payments

    CBA is a KRA appointed agent for purposes of tax remittance. Our online banking platform is customized to facilitate tax payment that makes the process easy, fast and error free. All tax payments done through CBA are updated onto KRA system on a real time basis.

    Mobile Collections (CBA Paybill and Till Solutions)

    We have partnered with mobile network operators to allow instant receipt funds directly into your bank account from a payer’s mobile money

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    Payment Solutions

    Internet Banking

    CBA’s Internet Banking solution is a secure system designed to effect all your payments online. These payment types include:

    • Internal Transfers
    • Local transfer
    • International transfers
    • Bankers cheques
    • Mobile transfers (to M-Pesa, Airtel Money, M-Shwari ,Yu, Orange Money)
    • Tax Payments

    Tax payments

    The system allows you to make your transactions both as single payments and batch

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  • Other Services
  • Key Facts DocumentRead More

    Key Facts Document

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  • Safe Deposit LockerRead More

    Safe Deposit Locker

    CBA’s Safe Deposit Locker is one of the most secure places to store your valuables. Our storage facilities provide a simple, reliable, convenient way to safely store your valuable documents and articles. We ensure maximum privacy when you are accessing your valuables so that nobody other than you ever comes into contact with them.

    Our Safe Deposit Lockers can be operated by up to two people including an authorized agent, and are available in different sizes, small, medium and large

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