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Plot Purchase Loan

A plot purchase is the first step to building your dream home. Access our Plot purchase loan and start your journey to your dream home.


  • Facility will be availed in Kenya Shillings. Foreign currency earnings will be considered for qualification purposes.
  • Finance available up to 70% of Property value or Selling Price whichever is lower
  • Competitive interest rates on reducing balance
  • Loan tenure of up to 5Years for KShs.
  • Arranged legal and valuation services (fees applicable)

Associated costs

  • Your Deposit/Equity Contribution
  • Arrangement fees of loan amount advanced - 1% for KShs. Mortgages and 1.5% for Foreign currency Mortgages
  • Stamp Duty and Stamp duty on charge fees - Statutory fees paid via Lawyers
  • Legal fees – for conveyance and registration services
  • Valuation fees – for Valuation services

How to apply for a Home Purchase Loan

  • A duly filled and Signed Home Loan application and Insurance forms
  • An executed Sales agreement signed by you and your vendor
  • Copy of Valid Kenyan Passport (Top inner cover, Bio Data and Photo pages)
  • Evidence of current residential address (Driving license copy or a current utility bill)
  • Copy of your Work Permit or Residential Permit
  • 3 months most recent payslips/Paystubs
  • 6 months most recent bank statements where salary/remuneration is paid into
  • A Letter of introduction from employer providing you designation, remuneration, retirement age (where applicable), terms of employment (contract/permanent) and allowances (where applicable).
  • Copy of your KRA Pin Certificate

NB: Identification and supporting documents must be Notarized by a registered notary or certified by your banker or certified by an authorised official of the Kenyan Embassy. The Notary information or stamps should be clear and legible.

FAQs on Power of Attorney