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Trade Finance

Doing business internationally can often be complicated, frustrating and risky if you don’t have the right systems in place. That’s where we come in. We offer innovative and flexible solutions that aim to facilitate international trade and minimise risks, ensuring that your international transactions go through quickly and without a hitch. 

We have a highly specialised team of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable trade finance experts who are able to give you all the advice you need to transact globally. Our expertise in structuring trade transactions is unmatched.

Our strong balance sheet and global network of leading regional and international banks helps us find the best solutions for our corporate customers.

Documentary Credits

Documentary Credits allow us to offer commitments on behalf of our customers (buyers) guaranteeing payment to the seller (exporter) provided the terms and conditions have been met. Through this product we are able to offer a variety of payment, financing and risk mitigation options including:

  • Import letters of credit
  • Export (advising and confirmation) letters of credit
  • Guarantees and standby letters of credit
  • Avalised bills of exchange

Specialised and Structured Trade Finance

Our innovative structured trade solutions go beyond classical off-the-shelf trade finance products to offer solutions that support large and more strategic transactions and broader segments of the value chain. Our fundamental approach is to provide innovative solutions that add value to customers including:

  • Back to back letters of credit
  • Export credit agency (ECA) backed financing
  • Inventory management under collateral management
  • Invoice and bill discounting
  • Post import financing
  • Pre-shipment financing
  • Supply chain financing

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