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The private banking division at CBA is catered towards clients looking to do more with their money. We’ve developed a range of products that address the needs of those who want to build strong financial foundations to support their families for many years to come.

CBA provides private equity plans and investment options to suit your particular risk profile and return on investment preferences. We aim to give you all the best advice on the investments available to you, to make your decisions simple. With us you can start growing your net worth even if you have no idea how to invest.

We also offer life insurance, health insurance, car insurance and a number of related services to financially protect yourself and your family. Ultimately it’s our responsibility to give you everything you need to grow and secure your wealth.

  • Sector Propositions
  • Doctor’s PropositionRead More

    Doctor’s Proposition


    CBA Private Banking has been created to bring you a more personalised banking offering that specialises in catering more towards you, as a healthcare professional, and your unique banking needs. We call it banking by hand, made with careful consideration, aimed at giving you, our valued customer time for more.

    We understand that your banking, and your lifestyle requirements are unique, so it is our desire to give you more than just banking solutions, but rather

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  • Bancassurance
  • Car Insurance CoverRead More

    Car Insurance Cover

    CBA’s comprehensive car insurance covers you against a variety of risks. Whether the fault was yours or another driver’s, in the case of an accident it doesn’t affect this cover. You’re covered for damage, fire, theft and even for the cost of renting another vehicle when your car is in for repairs. Our car insurance boasts extensive cover at very competitive rates. 

    Features and Benefits:

  • Home Contents InsuranceRead More

    Home Contents Insurance

    Domestic Package (Home Owner’s Insurance)

    CBA’s home insurance cover is designed to give you complete protection for your house and buildings as well as all the contents therein. Aside from that, it also covers repairs and improvements on the property and even provides cover for your domestic employees.

    This extensive service protects you against physical loss and/or damage arising from any of the following insured events:

  • Travel InsuranceRead More

    Travel Insurance

    From a sudden illness to a lost suitcase or a delayed flight, CBA’s traveller’s insurance cover will allow you to enjoy your holiday or business trip with peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered whatever happens.

    Traveling to another country can often be stressful with foreign languages and different cultures, even when everything is working out as planned there’s an element of uncertainty. With this travel insurance if you’re ever stuck in a country for any reason, CBA

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  • Education InsuranceRead More

    Education Insurance

    This is a combination of insurance protection and savings that allows you to prepare for the growing costs of education. The cover provides payouts to coincide with the payment of the educational expenses of your insured (child). This plan guarantees your children a great education, which translates later in life to more opportunity and more potential for success.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Life InsuranceRead More

    Life Insurance

    Our life insurance cover provides financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your death, accidental disablement, and critical illness. With a number of variables to this life insurance option, you’re able to choose the cover specifics that best suit your needs.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Death benefit
    • Permanent total disablement benefit
    • Funeral cover
    • Various disability benefits
    • Income protection benefit

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  • Credit Protection InsuranceRead More

    Credit Protection Insurance

    Our credit protection plans are designed to ensure that in the event of death, permanently disablement or are diagnosed with a terminal illness the outstanding loan balance is paid off thus giving you financial security. Benefits include:

    • Death benefit
    • Permanent total disablement benefit
    • Critical illness cover


    • Executed Letter of offer

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    To find out

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  • Personal Accident InsuranceRead More

    Personal Accident Insurance

    With the skyrocketing price of medical procedures these days, CBA’s Personal Accident Insurance is vital for those who don’t want to risk the serious financial setback if they ever have an accident. The cost of staying in hospital overnight alone is exorbitant. Our accident cover makes sure you always have the funds to cover medical procedures resulting from accidents of any kind. It provides cover against accidental death and injury.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Additional Insurance ProductsRead More

    Additional Insurance Products

    1. FIRE & PERILS

    This policy covers loss or damage to property occasioned by:

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosions
    • Earthquakes
    • Bushfires
    • Riots and strikes
    • Water damage  (floods)
    • Malicious damage


    1. BONDS

    This is a product where the insurance company undertakes to act as the guarantor to the insured to

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  • Transaction Solutions
  • Current AccountRead More

    Current Account

    Our Current Account makes personal banking quick, simple and easy. This account has been designed to take care of all your most important transactional needs such as paying bills.

    The Current Account adapts to suit your financial situation and offers an all-inclusive tariff.

    Bundled Tariff


    • Same day clearing for CBA drawn cheques from any part of the country<
    • Access to your personal account at all CBA branches countrywide
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  • Platinum Debit CardRead More

    Platinum Debit Card

    Our Platinum debit card is not just an ATM card. It is also the key to your current account, anytime, anywhere. You can use it to pay for goods and services at any Visa merchant worldwide, making your everyday spending simple and convenient. You don’t need to carry cash or use cheques anymore, thanks to CBA’s Platinum debit card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Accepted at more than 24 million locations in over 70 countries worldwide
    • Instant access to your accountRead More

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  • Internet BankingRead More

    Internet Banking

    Internet Banking

    With CBA Internet Banking you can transform your home or office computer into a complete personal financial management centre. To deliver on this, we have developed a secure, fully transactional, Internet-based banking platform.

    This gives you the freedom to access your accounts and transact at your convenience. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

    What services can you access on CBA Internet Banking?


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  • Mobile BankingRead More

    Mobile Banking

    Our mobile banking service allows you to access your cash wherever you are at any time. It works seamlessly with M-Pesa and gives you the power to control your finances with nothing more than your mobile phone.

    With the rise of mobile banking in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, CBA were in fact first to market with a number of mobile products. This has given us the experience necessary to provide a refined mobile banking solution that meets your various needs.

    Services accessed on

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  • Investment Solutions
  • ProsaverRead More


    Whether you are looking to save up for a down payment on your home, your children’s education, a family holiday or your retirement, it’s important to make the most of your savings without putting them at risk.

    Our Prosaver Account allows you to grow your money while ensuring it is accessible to you whenever you need it. The account can be opened individually, jointly or as a trust account for minors.


  • Term DepositsRead More

    Term Deposits

    Our CBA Deposit Accounts are designed to offer maximum return on investment. They offer flexible investment periods with interest that is paid upon maturity or at predetermined times of the year. We give you the choice of investing in both local and designated foreign currencies.  

    The Call Deposit Account is ideal for the saver who wants to earn high interest over a short term and still have funds to use as needed.

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  • Unit TrustRead More

    Unit Trust

    Click here to view the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2017

    We offer solutions for our customers who are seeking investment options beyond the normal placement of deposits at a bank. If you are considering investing in this way our Money

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  • Lending Solutions
  • Personal LoansRead More

    Personal Loans

    Every now and then, unforeseen expenses crop up that most times we just haven’t budgeted for. At CBA we cater for these situations with personal loans that can carry you through without impacting your finances on the long term. We provide a choice of either secured or unsecured loans to help cover your spending requirements.

    Unsecured Loan


    • You can borrow in Kenya Shillings or in major foreign currencies such as USD, EURO and GBP (if your income/salary

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  • OverdraftsRead More


    If you’re looking for a flexible and instant line of credit that allows you to overdraw your account without a penalty, our Personal Overdraft service is perfect for you. This option is a lifesaver at times when your income just isn’t enough to pay the bills. The overdraft is linked to your CBA current account and will give you access to cash when you need it most.


    • We only charge interest on the amount drawn
    • Loan protection insurance to cover

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  • Motor LoansRead More

    Motor Loans

    For some of us, a car is more than just a way to travel. It’s an extension of who we are. It’s a status symbol and a reflection of the hard work we’ve put in over the years. But a car is a serious expense and paying it off in one shot is often not an option. For this reason CBA offers motor loans that make buying your dream car easily affordable.  

    Features and Benefits:

    • Loan repayment period of up to five years
    • Self-securing loan as the vehicle

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  • MortgagesRead More


    Buying a house is one of life’s major expenses. That’s why it’s so important to find a financial partner you can trust when it comes to borrowing the money you need. With decades of experience in mortgage lending, CBA can offer you some of the best advice complemented by individually tailored mortgage solutions. If you are looking to buy or build a home, we offer a variety of mortgage options that will put the key in your hand sooner than you think.


  • Insurance Premium FinancingRead More

    Insurance Premium Financing

    If you’re feeling overburdened by a hefty insurance bill with premiums you can barely afford, we may have an ideal solution for you. With easy instalments and quick processing, our Premium Financing can take the load off. We simply give you a loan against your insurance premium bills and pay the proceeds directly to your insurer. This way if you ever lose your business or your job, you don’t risk losing everything else at the same time.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Loan CalculatorRead More

    Loan Calculator

    Find out how much your loan will cost monthly with CBA’s loan calculator. Our easy-to-use loan calculator helps you work out your monthly repayments for easy financial planning. Simply enter the relevant numbers below to get an approximate repayment amount for any loan.  Read More

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  • Other Services
  • Safe Deposit LockerRead More

    Safe Deposit Locker

    CBA’s Safe Deposit Locker is one of the most secure places to store your valuables. Our storage facilities provide a simple, reliable and convenient way to safely store your valuable documents and articles. We ensure maximum privacy when you are accessing your valuables so that nobody other than you ever comes into contact with them.

    Our Safe Deposit Lockers can be operated by up to two people including an authorised agent, and are available in sizes small, medium and large, with

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