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Current Account

Our Current Account makes personal banking quick, simple and easy. This account has been designed to take care of all your most important transactional needs such as paying bills.

The Current Account adapts to suit your financial situation and offers an all-inclusive tariff.

Bundled Tariff


  • Same day clearing for CBA drawn cheques from any part of the country<
  • Access to your personal account at all CBA branches countrywide
  • Access to CBA, Kenswitch, Pesa Point and all Visa Branded ATMs worldwide
  • Each account is assigned a Personal Relationship Officer
  • Free ATM VISA Debit card


For a monthly Fee of Kshs. 2,135/ USD 30/ GBP 20/ EUR 25 you access free:

  • Cheque books
  • Standing orders
  • Banker’s cheques (local currency)
  • Banker’s drafts (foreign currency)
  • Outgoing international transfers
  • Sweep facilities across current accounts
  • Inter-account transfers
  • Monthly statements
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM withdrawals on CBA owned ATMs