Corporate Social Responsibility

The Board takes ultimate responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and is committed to developing and implementing appropriate policies while adhering to a fundamental commitment to create and sustain long term value for shareholders and all stakeholders.

A key pillar within CBA’s values is responsible social citizenship in all its engagements with stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the community and industry regulators – environment laws and all other relevant Government laws and regulations.

Amongst the initiatives and endeavors that CBA Group participates in includes the support of charitable institutions, non-governmental organisations, schools and trusts. During the year, CBA Group makes donations to various charitable institutions for the advancement of the welfare of the people that they support. CBA also recognises the importance of a sound environment for all to the overall social and economic success of any country and therefore actively supports conservation of a clean, safe and healthy environment including various initiatives geared to its improvement.