Current Account

We have two tarriffs,

Pay as you Go tariff and the Bundled Tarriff.


  • Same day clearing for CBA drawn cheques from any part of the country.
  • Access to your personal account at any of CBA branches countrywide.
  • Access to CBA, Kenswitch, Pesa Point and all Visa Branded ATMs worldwide.
  • Each account is assigned a Personal Relationship Officer. 

Bundled Tariff


  • For a monthly fee of KShs 2000/USD 30/ GBP 20/EUR 25 per month you access free, 
  • Cheque books
  • Standing orders
  • Bankers cheque (local currency)
  • Bankers drafts (Foreign currency)
  • Outgoing international transfers
  • Sweep facilities across current accounts
  • Inter account transfers
  • Monthly statements
  • ATM withdrawals on CBA owned ATM's

(Pay As You Go)


  • Unlimited access to funds through Debit Card, Cheque Book & Internet Banking
  • Free Incoming Funds transfers on all currencies
  • Free Internal Transfers
  • Each account is assigned a Personal Relationship Officer


  • Monthly ledger fees are charged based on monthly average account balances as follows:
  • KShs. 0 “ 50,000 = KShs. 600
  • KShs. 50,001- 100,000= KShs 550
  • KShs100, 000 and above = Free.
  • Free monthly statements
  • Free International Debit Card