Environmental, Social And Governance Policy

CBA Group acknowledges that every business decision has the potential to impact the environment and surrounding communities. The Group believes that balancing environmental and societal issues with financial priorities is fundamental to sound risk management and a core part of corporate responsibility. The Group is therefore committed to minimizing its overall impact on the environment by taking personal and organizational responsibility to engage and inspire employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders to make positive impacts on the environment and recognize the need to sustain the environment for future generations and ensure sustainability of its business.

To this effect, we have developed and adopted a Group Environmental and Social Risk Management policy that will guide our lending decisions and relationship with our customers. In addition to conducting enhanced due diligence on clients and transactions that involve activities with potentially high environmental and social impacts, we are also committed to ensuring that we adhere to best environmental practices. These include resource management, waste minimization, financial inclusion, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and ecosystem conservation.

We believe that our Group Environmental and Social Risk Management Policy will not only promote positive environmental stewardship, but also impact on our business sustainability as attention to environmental and social issues helps us to better manage risk, attract and retain critical talent, develop expertise and serve our customer better.