International Payments

Making payments abroad is effortless with CBA’s international payment feature. All you need is a CBA current account and internet banking to enjoy this efficient, convenient service.

CBA international payments include:

  • Quick payments from wherever you are
  • Single or batched payment processing
  • Automated swift alerts after payment completion
  • Payment records in your account transfer


Frequently asked questions

  1. What is an international payment?

This is a payment from one country to another. The originating/paying account is in a different country from the receiving account. This has over time been known as telegraphic transfer or swift transaction.

  1. What is an example of an international payment?

An example would be a payment from an account from CBA Kenya account to a beneficiary’s account in a bank in Italy.

  1. Which channels can I use to make an international payment?

One can make this payment through CBA’s online banking channel or manual transfer. For customers with swift capabilities, the instruction can also be done through the swift channel.

  1. What details do I require to make an international payment?

You will require the standard payment details: Name of beneficiary, beneficiary account number, beneficiary bank name, beneficiary bank swift code, amount and currency of payment, payment narrative. Additional details may be requested based on the beneficiary’s country rules.

  1. Does CBA has the capability for me to attach supporting documentation while making an international payment?

Yes. Through its internet banking channel CBA Connect, you are able to attach supporting documents while making the payment.

  1. Can the online banking system perform checks for my payment before I submit for authorization?

Yes. The online banking system is able to perform validations on your payment before the payment is sent for processing. For any identified error, the system will give you specific errors narrations to allow you correct before submission.

  1. Do I have to make single international payments or can I load a file for multiple payments?

Our online banking platform has the capability for one to load a file of multiple international payments. This means that, you will not be required to input multiple transactions individually but rather make them in a batch. This makes your payments processing more efficient and less time consuming.

  1. What if I have a beneficiary I pay on a regular basis?

CBA’s online banking channel allows you to save beneficiary details for which you can use to make future payments. This means that you will input the beneficiary details only once. For subsequent payments, you will use the saved details and only input the amount and payment narrative.

  1. Can I make an international payment from my Kenya shilling account

Yes you can. You will have the capability to make international payments from any currency account. You will have the option to book an FX deal from your account or use the system rate to make the currency conversion based on the amount you are sending out.

  1. Can I get proof of payment for my international payment?

Yes you can. You are able to download a payment advice from CBA’s online banking system. You can also request for a transaction swift copy from our Contact Centre team.

  1. What are the charges for making an international payment?

The charges are available on the CBA tariff guide.

  1. Why should I use CBA for my international payment?
  • You can make these payments from the comfort of your desk through our Online Banking service
  • Flexibility on payment processing: Single or batched
  • Automated swift advices upon payment completion
  • Visibility of your account transfers


  1. What do I need to enjoy this service?

A CBA current account