Investment Banking Solutions

Wealth Management Product & Services

CBA Wealth

This is a premier solution that provides access to both private and public, on-shore and off-shore investment instruments and unique opportunities through professionally structured and bespoke segregated portfolios. Minimum Investment is USD 1 Million

CBA Invest

This is a customized investment solution offered specifically to CBA’s Private Banking Clients across East Africa. It provides access to both listed equity and debt  investment instruments through professionally structured and tailor-made investment portfolios. Minimum Investment Amount: KES 10 Million. The product comes in a choice of 3 portfolios address different risk-return profiles

CBA Unit Trusts

This is a retail investment solution in the form of CBA Equity Fund and CBA Money Fund. Minimum of KES 5,000.

Investment Advisory Services

This includes all or part o the following services to relevant institutions; Investment policy drafting and revision, periodical portfolio performance reviews & measurement, counter-parties reviews and selection, screening of unique investment opportunities, portfolio restructuring to meet specific objectives and offshore tax efficient investment vehicles or Trust set-up and registration.

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