Card & Online Safety Tips
  1. Should you notice any irregular or suspicious activity, contact your bank immediately.
  2. Never accept help from a stranger; call your bank.
  3. Do not provide your financial information to anyone who is not a signatory on your account.
  4. Do not give out your PIN, password, payment card or account number to anyone including relatives and friends.
  5. Only enter your PIN when prompted to do so. Always shield the keypad with your palm while keying in your PIN.
  6. Do memorize your PIN. Avoid writing your PIN on your phone or keeping it in your wallet.
  7. If the machine retains your card, do not leave the ATM without notifying your bank.
  8. If your account information has been obtained by a cyber criminal, immediately notify all your financial service providers.
  9. Always ensure your log on via a secure internet connection.(Look for a padlock image and HTTPS extension in the URL/Web address.)