Fine Dining


Use the promo code CBAYUM when you order food on and enjoy 10% off when you pay using your CBA Visa card.

*Seasonal offers which will be communicated when active.

La Maison Royale

Enjoy 10% off accomodation, spa, food and beverages at La Maison Royale when you pay using your CBA Visa.
Restaurants include:

  • La Terrace
  • Rendezvous
  • Le Cafe
  • The Wine and Beer Bar

Location: Mogotio Rd, Nairobi


Enjoy 10% off meals when you pay with the CBA Visa card at selected outlets within the Bliss Resort

  • Namaskar
  • Spirit of the sea
  • Crystal Lounge

Location: Links road, Nyali, Mombasa