Advantages to the Employer

Loyalty and job satisfaction are increasingly difficult to sustain in today’s highly competitive environment. To stay ahead, forward thinking companies are continuously developing viable solutions in order to retain their employees.

With cba@work we are able to partner with employers to create such solutions. We provide potential employees one more reason to choose your company over another, and give your current employees one more reason to want to continue working for you.

Some of the advantages include:

Banking Convenience – You will enjoy:

  • A dedicated cba@work Business Development Manager backed by a team of Relationship Officers to support your employees personal growth.
  • Account Opening, Loan and Credit Card Application at the workplace therefore eliminating the need for employees spending valuable man-hours travelling or queuing at the nearest branch.
  • Great service for new hires &/or expatriate staff – Our representative will be on hand to assist new hires with salary account set-up, have them connected to our internet and mobile banking services and provide required banking information.

Financial Privileges

  • Add value to your employee benefits package – Your employees will be entitled to exclusive products and services at preferential pricing that they will not get if they were not working for you.
  • Global banking services for your expatriate employees.

Financial Education & Wellness

Add value to your employee training program – cba@work – goes beyond product features. We will provide FREE financial education sessions at your offices to help employees achieve their financial goals. These can be scheduled seminars tailored to the needs of your employee group(s).

Areas of financial education include:

  • First-Time Home Buying & refinancing
  • Investments/Savings both in the short and long term
  • How to borrow & use credit wisely as well as establishing and maintaining good credit records
  • Making your money work for you
  • Saving  for retirement
  • Children’s education financial planning

*Arrangements can be made for employees that may require one-on-one consultations to discuss their unique financial circumstances.

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