cba@work FAQs

What is cba@work?

cba@work is an exclusive banking service that makes banking more convenient for you and your employees.

  1. What are the offers available?
  • Personalized services
  • In office convenience
  • Comprehensive range of products and services
  • Preferential terms and conditions for various products and services
  • Discounted pricing on personal finance products
  1. What is the eligibility criteria?
  • Companies with more than 20 employees.
  • Companies with more than 3 years of profitable operations.
  1. What are the benefits?
  • Comprehensive financial solutions at your door-step,(work station, desk)
  • Hassle free banking for employees via a dedicated team of Business Development Managers and electronic banking solutions (telephone banking, internet banking, mobile banking, ATM).
  • Great service for new hires.
  • Add value to your existing employee benefits package
  • Add value to your existing employee training program
  1. How do I join cba@work?

Contact us, and your dedicated Business Development Manager will visit your company and guide you through the company listing process.

  1. What happens if an employee changes employers?

The company will need to advise the bank through their dedicated Business Development Manager of changes in employment.