CBA Invest

This is a customized investment solution offered specifically to CBA’s Private Banking Clients across East Africa. It provides access to both listed equity and debt instruments through professionally structured and tailor-made investment portfolios. Minimum Investment Amount: KES 10 Million. The product comes in a choice of 3 portfolios that address different risk-return profiles.

Minimum Investment

KES 10 Million or Foreign currency Equivalent

CBA Invest Portfolio Options

  • Low risk portfolio – invests only in interest earning securities
  • Moderate portfolio – invests in a mix of fixed income securities and equities
  • Aggressive portfolio – invest only in listed equities


  • Customized and segregated investment portfolio
  • Monthly statement showing performance of your investment portfolio
  • Access to dedicated Portfolio Manager at all times.
  • Access to regional and global investment markets research and trends.
  • Free custodial services of investment portfolio.