Dollar Investment Fund

The CBA Dollar Investment Fund (CBA-DIF) is a unique investment solution offering both a competitive return and capital protection to both individuals and corporates willing to make consistent and periodic investments in a collective pool.

Benefits of investing in the Fund:

  • Highly competitive and guaranteed return
  • Capital protection of invested funds
  • No management fees or standing order instructions from your CBA current account
  • Convenient and efficient way to save any extra income in a consistent manner
  • Low investment minimum amounts
  • Access to a diversified investment portfolio
  • Free investment advice and research from a highly experienced and qualified team
  • Protection from exchange-rate risk.

Features of the Fund:

  • Fund Currency: US Dollars (US$)
  • Fund Type: Low-Risk Fixed Income Portfolio
  • Minimum Monthly Investment Amount: USD 500 (compulsory)
  • Minimum Lump-Sum Investment Amount: USD 3,000 (Optional)
  • Minimum Investment Period: 12 months
  • Expected Investment Return: 2% p.a.
  • Fund Manager: CBA Capital
  • Fund Custodian: CBA Bank
  • Reporting Format & Frequency: Monthly portfolio statement by sent via email.