Personal Banking

Freedom Accounts

The Freedom Account is a perfect fit for those who need quick and easy access to their funds at all times. It provides extensive banking solutions that are free of the common restrictions of regular transactional services.


  • A dedicated Account Relationship Manager
  • The account is available in Kenya Shillings only
  • Access via mobile and internet banking
  • Access to your funds from over 600,000 Visa branded ATMs and 19 million Visa merchants worldwide
  • Access to offshore investment opportunities for long-term savings needs
  • Opportunity to invest in CBA unit trust funds
  • Access to a wide range of health insurance, life insurance and car insurance packages
  • Credit facilities for individual account holders
  • Real-time access to your account in any of the CBA Service Delivery Centres
  • Access to credit card and loan facilities


  • Free intra-account funds transfers
  • Free incoming fund transfers
  • No charge on cash deposits made
  • Opening balance – KShs. 1,200
  • Minimum operating balance – KShs. 1,000
  • Monthly ledger fees – KShs. 210

Click here to open your Freedom Account online today, or fill out this form and send it through to us.