Personal Banking

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

With CBA Internet Banking you can transform your home or office computer into a complete personal financial management centre. To deliver on this, we have developed a secure, fully transactional, Internet-based banking platform.

This gives you the freedom to access your accounts and transact at your convenience. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

What services can you access on CBA Internet Banking?

Personal Banking

  • Customer Information
    • Account Balances
    • Account Details
    • Transaction History
    • Loan Details
    • Deposit Details
    • Download statements in pdf , csv and xml formats
    • Print Statements and transaction advises
  • Payments
    • To your own CBA accounts
    • To any other CBA accounts
    • To other local Banks
    • To Mobile Money Accounts e.g. MPESA
    • To International Banks
    • Maintain a register of regular beneficiaries
    • Urgent payments (RTGS)
  • Bankers checks
  • Standing Orders
    • Initiate and amend
  • Direct debits
  • Sweeps
    • Initiate and amend
  • Card Services
    • Access Card Transaction Details
    • Card Account Balances
    • Request to change your billing dates
    • Request to change your card limits
    • Pay your card account
    • New card request
  • Customer Services Requests
    • Cheque Book
    • Bankers cheque request
    • Stop Payments
    • New Account request
    • Loan request
    • Deposit initiation
    • Statement request
  • Alert Services
    • Subscribe to the Alert services, which will allow you to be notified of any activity in your accounts via email or sms.
  • Messages
  • Send to and receive messages from the Bank
  • Customer Information
    • View up to date foreign exchange and deposit rates.
    • Download application forms and/or access any other relevant Bank information


Download Your Internet Access Token

The CBA Soft token is a security application used to authorize access to CBA’s Internet Banking Services. It allows you to generate a one-time-passwords when you need to log in to Internet Banking. The introduction of token apps not only increases enhanced protection, but increases the mobility in accessing our Internet Banking services, giving you more convenience and improving your experience online.

With CBA Soft Token, You will be able to download and activate Soft Tokens on your Apple, Android or Blackberry devices and even on your Personal Computer. To download the tokens, access your phones application store, search for CBA Soft Token and select Download.

Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad)  Click here to download token

Android Devices Click here to download token

BlackBerry devices Click here to download token

Personal Computer Click here to download token

Soft Token FAQ