CBA has put together a thorough personal banking product suite specifically designed to make your day-to-day banking a pleasure. We provide solutions to your everyday money management needs as well as expert financial advice.

We offer some of the best rates on loans, debit card and credit card facilities and are constantly researching our markets find out how we can improve our product offerings.

Everything we do is focused around giving you time for more of the things that matter most to you. It’s this time for more ethos that drives us to continually improve our services by adapting them to your changing needs.

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    Car Insurance Cover

    CBA’s comprehensive car insurance covers you against a variety of risks. Whether the fault was yours or another driver’s, in the case of an accident it doesn’t affect this cover. You’re covered for damage, fire, theft and even for the cost of renting another vehicle when your car is in for repairs. Our car insurance boasts extensive cover at very competitive rates. 

    Features and Benefits:

    • Own damage cover
    • Fire risk cover
    • Theft cover
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  • Home Contents InsuranceRead More

    Home Contents Insurance

    Domestic Package (Home Owner’s Insurance)

    CBA’s home insurance cover is designed to give you complete protection for your house and buildings as well as all the contents therein. Aside from that, it also covers repairs and improvements on the property and even provides cover for your domestic employees.

    This extensive service protects you against physical loss and/or damage arising from any of the following insured events:

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    Travel Insurance

    From a sudden illness to a lost suitcase or a delayed flight, CBA’s traveller’s insurance cover will allow you to enjoy your holiday or business trip with peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered whatever happens.

    Traveling to another country can often be stressful with foreign languages and different cultures, even when everything is working out as planned there’s an element of uncertainty. With this travel insurance if you’re ever stuck in a country for any reason, CBA

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  • Education InsuranceRead More

    Education Insurance

    This is a combination of insurance protection and savings that allows you to prepare for the growing costs of education. The cover provides payouts to coincide with the payment of the educational expenses of your insured (child). This plan guarantees your children a great education, which translates later in life to more opportunity and more potential for success.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Guaranteed cash bonuses
    • Death benefit (accident or illness)
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  • Life InsuranceRead More

    Life Insurance

    Our life insurance cover provides financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your death, accidental disablement, and critical illness. With a number of variables to this life insurance option, you’re able to choose the cover specifics that best suit your needs.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Death benefit
    • Permanent total disablement benefit
    • Funeral cover
    • Various disability benefits
    • Income protection benefit

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  • Credit Protection InsuranceRead More

    Credit Protection Insurance

    Our credit protection plans are designed to ensure that in the event of death, permanently disablement or are diagnosed with a terminal illness the outstanding loan balance is paid off thus giving you financial security. Benefits include:

    • Death benefit
    • Permanent total disablement benefit
    • Critical illness cover


    • Executed Letter of offer

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  • Personal Accident InsuranceRead More

    Personal Accident Insurance

    With the skyrocketing price of medical procedures these days, CBA’s Personal Accident Insurance is vital for those who don’t want to risk the serious financial setback if they ever have an accident. The cost of staying in hospital overnight alone is exorbitant. Our accident cover makes sure you always have the funds to cover medical procedures resulting from accidents of any kind. It provides cover against accidental death and injury.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Additional Insurance ProductsRead More

    Additional Insurance Products

    1. FIRE & PERILS

    This policy covers loss or damage to property occasioned by:

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosions
    • Earthquakes
    • Bushfires
    • Riots and strikes
    • Water damage  (floods)
    • Malicious damage


    1. BONDS

    This is a product where the insurance company undertakes to act as the guarantor to the insured to

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