Cash Management Solutions

Over the years CBA has built up a reputation as the go-to bank for corporates and businesses looking to make their money go further. Beyond the numbers CBA is all about relationships. By means of a dedicated relationship management approach, our business addresses the unique requirements of corporate, institutional and SME customers.

We offer an extensive range of financial solutions, which we tailor to the specific needs of each organisation.

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    What is PesaLink?

    PesaLink is an easy, affordable and instant bank to bank money transfer that enables customers to send from as low as 10/= to as much as 999, 999/=. It is 

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    Internet Banking

    With CBA Internet Banking you can transform your home or office computer into a complete personal financial management centre. To deliver on this, we have developed a secure, fully transactional, Internet-based banking platform. Click here for more.

    Mobile Banking

    Our mobile banking platform ensures that you can access our services from the comfort of your

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    Liquidity Management Solution

    Auto Sweep

    Cash pooling is important to a company’s financial management strategy. It allows businesses to maximise on both their current credit and debit positions to receive the greatest benefits. The most popular approach to cash pooling is the concentration of cash into one central account. The company maintains enough money in a current account to cover working capital requirements, with all excess funds moved to an interest earning account. This way the business generates

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    Collection Solutions

    KRA iTax Payments

    CBA is a KRA appointed agent for purposes of tax remittance. Our online banking platform is customized to facilitate tax payment that makes the process easy, fast and error free. All tax payments done through CBA are updated onto KRA system on a real time basis.

    Mobile Collections (CBA Paybill and Till Solutions)

    We have partnered with mobile network operators to allow instant receipt funds directly into your bank account from a payer’s mobile money

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    Payment Solutions

    Internet Banking

    CBA’s Internet Banking solution is a secure system designed to effect all your payments online. These payment types include:

    • Internal Transfers
    • Local transfer
    • International transfers
    • Bankers cheques
    • Mobile transfers (to M-Pesa, Airtel Money, M-Shwari ,Yu, Orange Money)
    • Tax Payments

    Tax payments

    The system allows you to make your transactions both as single payments and batch

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