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    Advantages to the Employee

    It is never easy for employees to balance career and family life while trying to manage their personal enables employees take charge of their hard earned money from managing short term day to day transactions to potential long term investments.

    With cba@work, you will enjoy the following:

    Banking Convenience

    • Account Opening, Loan and Credit Card Application at your workplace therefore eliminating the need for you to travel to the nearest

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    Advantages to the Employer

    Loyalty and job satisfaction are increasingly difficult to sustain in today’s highly competitive environment. To stay ahead, forward thinking companies are continuously developing viable solutions in order to retain their employees.

    With cba@work we are able to partner with employers to create such solutions. We provide potential employees one more reason to choose your company over another, and give your current employees one more reason to want to continue working for you.

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    Product Offering

    We offer a well-structured program that includes a variety of products & services depending on your needs and help you maintain your lifestyle.

    The program comes with special offers available only to employees of participating companies.

    The program includes:

    • Choice of several personal current  accounts depending on your needs. Read more….
    • Choice

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    Service Commitment

    CBA is a financial services company which is moving towards an offering that is more aligned to our customers’ lifestyles. Our aim is for you to be delighted with our services wherever you come into contact with our business.

    At CBA, we promise to consistently deliver high standards of service; from reliable financial services to friendly, efficient staff, understanding that without satisfied customers our business cannot grow.

    There may be times however when our high

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    cba@work FAQs

    What is cba@work?

    cba@work is an exclusive banking service that makes banking more convenient for you and your employees.

    1. What are the offers available?
    • Personalized services
    • In office convenience
    • Comprehensive range of products and services
    • Preferential terms and conditions for various products and services
    • Discounted pricing on personal finance products
    1. What is

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    CBA Correspondent Banks


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