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With many years of experience in finance, a wealth of knowledge and a team that keeps its finger on the global pulse, we craft powerful asset class solutions.

Our treasury team develops and executes a range of strategies and transactions across all asset classes including currencies, fixed income and structured finance solutions.

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    Got a Complaint?

    In the unfortunate incidence that you are not satisfied with any of the services provided to you by CBA, we have a stipulated Customer Feedback Handling Procedure that you can follow to give the matter the attention it deserves.

    The complaints handling procedure we have adopted is simple and is meant to help you get the matter addressed as swiftly as possible .

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    Safety Tips

    With the increase in online fraud, CBA has taken specific measures to ensure we safeguard your interests.
    Online safety can be effective when you as a customer actively participate in the process and take the necessary precautions to ensure you are not an easy target for fraudsters.


    We ensure your online transactions are safe and secure.
    At CBA, we use industry standard security technology and practices to safeguard your account from any unauthorized

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    Information for you

    Do you know that there is information that you as a bank customer should know?
    Knowledge is power and with this information, you will be at a vantage point in knowing what to expect from CBA as your bank. It is only fair that your rights as a consumer are upheld and it is upon you as the consumer to be in the know.

    The Banking Consumer Guidelines for instance contain valuable information for you. Access the document here.

    Incase you need to speak to us directly, call

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    Internet Banking Security

    1. Confirm Your Last Login
      Always check the log-in information on the welcome page of Internet Banking which shows you the most recent activity using your log in details. If date and time for the last login is different from your ACTUAL last login, report this immediately to CBA Contact Centre on +254 20 2884444 or email
    2. Monitor your internet banking account transactions
      The Last Five Transactions menu on your home page will give you an

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