If you’re a Kenyan, Ugandan or Tanzanian living abroad, CBA’s diaspora banking service could be the perfect money management solution for you. This comprehensive offering is focused around your unique banking needs for seamless currency exchange and extensive investment options through a reliable, convenient and reputable partner back home.

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    CDS account

    Investing and trading in the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) is made easier with CBA’s Investment arm, CBA Capital Limited.

    CDS stands for the Central Depository System. A CDS account is therefore an electronic account that holds your shares and bonds, and manages the process of transferring shares traded at the Stock Exchange.


    • Purchase and sell shares and securities through CBA
    • Access advisory services and recommended

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    Fixed deposit

    Our CBA Deposit Accounts are designed to offer maximum return on investment. They offer flexible investment periods with interest that is paid upon maturity or at predetermined times of the year. We give you the choice of investing in both local and designated foreign currencies.  

    The Call Deposit Account is ideal for the saver who wants to earn high interest over a short term and still have funds to use as needed.

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    Unit Trust

    This is a retail investment solution in the form of CBA Equity Fund and CBA Money Fund. Minimum of initial and top up amount KES 5,000.

    We offer solutions for our customers who are seeking investment options beyond the normal placement of deposits at a bank. If you are considering investing in this way our Money Market Fund and or Equity Fund investment options can be tailored to meet your needs. 

    A Unit Trust is an excellent way to accumulate wealth. It is a pool of savings

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    Money Market Fund

    Our Money Market Fund invests in high quality interest bearing investments, fixed deposits, and near cash holdings in the Kenyan market. This fund is recommended for the low-risk investor who prefers stability and security, and is especially ideal during times of stock market turbulence.


    • No joining fee.
    • Interest is calculated on a daily basis, and credited to the client’s account monthly.
    • Option of reinvested into the fund to maximize

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    Equity Fund

    Our Equity Fund is one of the easiest ways of having a professionally-managed stock portfolio. It invests in carefully selected shares and stocks listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. This fund is suitable for investors who are seeking long-term growth through dividends and capital gains from the investments.


    • Returns consisting of dividend and capital appreciation.
    • Returns are distributed twice a year in June and December.
    • Option of

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    Dollar Investment Fund

    The CBA Dollar Investment Fund (CBA-DIF) is a unique investment solution offering both a competitive return and capital protection to both individuals and corporates willing to make consistent and periodic investments in a collective pool.

    Benefits of investing in the Fund:

    • Highly competitive and guaranteed return
    • Capital protection of invested funds
    • No management fees or standing order instructions from your CBA current account
    • Convenient

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    CBA Invest

    This is a customized investment solution offered specifically to CBA’s Private Banking Clients across East Africa. It provides access to both listed equity and debt instruments through professionally structured and tailor-made investment portfolios. Minimum Investment Amount: KES 10 Million. The product comes in a choice of 3 portfolios that address different risk-return profiles.

    Minimum Investment

    KES 10 Million or Foreign currency Equivalent

    CBA Invest Portfolio

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    CBA Wealth

    CBA Wealth is a premier investment solution offered by the CBA Group to High Net Worth Individuals and select corporate entities across East Africa and beyond. It provides access to both private and public, on-shore and off-shore investment instruments and unique investment opportunities through professionally structured and bespoke investment portfolios. Through the CBA Wealth investment solution, Investors will have the rare opportunity to own an investment portfolio that meets their unique

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    Investment Advisory Services

    These services include all or part of the following services to relevant institutions; Investment policy drafting and revision, periodical portfolio performance reviews & measurement, counter-parties reviews and selection, screening of unique investment opportunities, portfolio restructuring to meet specific objectives and offshore tax efficient investment vehicles or Trust set-up and registration.

    Kindly contact our Investment team on

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