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CBA has put together a thorough personal banking product suite specifically designed to make your day-to-day banking a pleasure. We provide solutions to your everyday money management needs as well as expert financial advice.

We offer some of the best rates on loans, debit card and credit card facilities and are constantly researching our markets find out how we can improve our product offerings.

Everything we do is focused around giving you time for more of the things that matter most to you. It’s this time for more ethos that drives us to continually improve our services by adapting them to your changing needs.

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    Asset Finance

    Our asset finance loan facility is designed to enable you to acquire moveable assets with ease. With this product, you can acquire an asset and use it as security for the facility. This product targets corporate customers, institutional customers, SME customers and individuals.

    Our documentation is simple, straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The level of finance we grant allows you or your business to continue operation unhindered. In most cases this product will allow you

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    CBA Property Financing

    If you have decided that it’s time to own a home, then CBA’S Home Loan will put the key into your hands-sooner than you think, with minimum fuss. You can Buy a home, Refinance your existing Mortgage, Construct, Purchase a plot or Move your existing mortgage balance to CBA, all at competitive interest rates and on reducing balance!

    With the support of highly skilled relationship managers and flexible repayment tenor you can realize your dream of owning your own home.


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    Insurance Premium Financing

    If you’re feeling overburdened by a hefty insurance bill with premiums you can barely afford, we may have an ideal solution for you. With easy instalments and quick processing, our Premium Financing can take the load off. We simply give you a loan against your insurance premium bills and pay the proceeds directly to your insurer. This way if you ever lose your business or your job, you don’t risk losing everything else at the same time.

    Features and Benefits:

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    Loan Calculator

    Find out how much your loan will cost monthly with CBA’s loan calculator. Our easy-to-use loan calculator helps you work out your monthly repayments for easy financial planning. Simply enter the relevant numbers below to get an approximate repayment amount for any loan.

    Loan Amount


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