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The private banking division at CBA is catered towards clients looking to do more with their money. We’ve developed a range of products that address the needs of those who want to build strong financial foundations to support their families for many years to come.

CBA provides private equity plans and investment options to suit your particular risk profile and return on investment preferences. We aim to give you all the best advice on the investments available to you, to make your decisions simple. With us you can start growing your net worth even if you have no idea how to invest.

We also offer life insurance, health insurance, car insurance and a number of related services to financially protect yourself and your family. Ultimately it’s our responsibility to give you everything you need to grow and secure your wealth.

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    Current Account

    Our Current Account makes personal banking quick, simple and easy. This account has been designed to take care of all your most important transactional needs such as paying bills.

    The Current Account adapts to suit your financial situation and offers an all-inclusive tariff.

    Bundled Tariff


    • Same day clearing for CBA drawn cheques from any part of the country<
    • Access to your personal account at all CBA branches countrywide
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    Platinum Debit Card

    Our Platinum debit card is not just an ATM card. It is also the key to your current account, anytime, anywhere. You can use it to pay for goods and services at any Visa merchant worldwide, making your everyday spending simple and convenient. You don’t need to carry cash or use cheques anymore, thanks to CBA’s Platinum debit card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Accepted at more than 24 million locations in over 70 countries worldwide
    • Instant access to your account

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    Internet Banking

    Internet Banking

    With CBA Internet Banking you can transform your home or office computer into a complete personal financial management centre. To deliver on this, we have developed a secure, fully transactional, Internet-based banking platform.

    This gives you the freedom to access your accounts and transact at your convenience. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

    What services can you access on CBA Internet Banking?


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    Mobile Banking

    Our mobile banking service allows you to access your cash wherever you are at any time. It works seamlessly with M-Pesa and gives you the power to control your finances with nothing more than your mobile phone.

    With the rise of mobile banking in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, CBA were in fact first to market with a number of mobile products. This has given us the experience necessary to provide a refined mobile banking solution that meets your various needs.

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