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Personal Mortgage

This facility allows you to purchase residential properties and can access up to 80% finance to achieve this dream. This facility has a maximum repayment period of 25years and affordable interest rates. Properties financed under this product should be within the radius of 20KM from Kampala city center and Entebbe municipality.

Features and benefits

  1. Minimum Amount you can borrow Ugx. 30Mn
  2. Maximum Amount you can borrow is pegged to customer’s repayment ability.
  3. No Minimum repayment period
  4. Maximum Period: 25 years but last installment should be within the retirement age.
  5. Expatriates: Max 10 years
  6. FCY Loans are considered if the customer’s earnings are in that currency and dependent on Treasury Advise.

Basic requirements

  1. Completed and signed application form
  2. 12 months bank statements for non-CBA customers
  3. Proof of the income stated in the application form e.g. pay slip and bank statements
  4. Copy of utility bill for current residential address
  5. Letter from employer (if applicable)
  6. Copy of land tittle
  7. Photograph of the house
  8. Valuation report


What you need to know in case of a Purchase mortgage

  1. Identify a property that you desire to purchase.
  2. Meet with the seller and agree the terms of the purchase
  3. Ensure that you have secured at least 20% of the purchase price together with the loan costs
  4. Compile the loan requirements for submission to the Bank