Transanction Solutions

Platinum Current Account

This is a transactional account offered under CBA platinum proposition that facilitates access to cash and also provides customers with channels to send money to other parties. The account offers cheque books, standing orders, direct debits, Internet banking, mobile banking and Visa Credit & debit card facilities. It will also allow borrowing via overdrafts. This account offers you two tariff options;

Pay as You Go

  1. Opening balance UGX 200,000
  2. Minimum operating balance-Nil
  3. Below minimum balance charge- Nil
  4. Monthly Ledger Fee UGX 1,500 per transaction minimum UGX 10,000 Platinum Service Fee: 20,000 per month.
  5. Free statements

BUNDLED (Single tariff)  tariff

  1. Opening Balance UGX 200,000
  2. Bundled Monthly Fee: UGX 50,000
  3. Free Transactions on CBAU owned ATMs
  4. No minimum operating balance
  5. 4 Free cheque books per annum
  6. 1 Free banker’s cheques- LCY per month
  7. 1 Free banker’s cheques- FCY per month
  8. Free unlimited standing orders
  9. Free Standing Orders
  10. No ledger fee
  11. Waived bundled fees if a customer maintains a balance of above UGX 50 M in the month

Additional benefits across all tariff plans.

  1. Free personal accident cover for balances above UGX 30,000,000 
  2. International Visa debit  and Interswitch card issued with larger withdraw limits
  3. A priority pass to access world class luxury airport lounges and facilities across the world
  4. Access to personal over draft up to 90% of savings account balance subject to the customer having a current account at CBA.

Basic requirements

  1. Completed account opening form
  2. Valid ID (Passport, Driving license, National ID, Voters card, NSSF card)
  3. 1 passport photograph
  4. Confirmation of address (Tenancy agreement, Utility bill less than 3 months old, Employer letter, LC1 letter)
  5. Introductory letter from referee who holds a CBA Uganda bank account
  6. Work permit for foreign nationals