Lending Solutions

Term Loans & Trade Financing

These are short and medium term loans with tenors of 1 to 5 years which are advanced to CBA clients to enable them make short (0 to 12 months), medium and long (2 to 5 Years) term investments in their businesses; this can be for working capital, expansion of fixed assets, re-stocking, settling of business obligations among others.

This facility suits large scale corporate and SME businesses in areas of manufacturing, real estate, education, telecommunication and ICT, manufacturing, health, agriculture, wholesale and retail trade among others offered in both Uganda shillings and foreign currencies (subject to FCY cash flows).

Trade finance services include

  1. Bank guarantees
  2. Bid bonds (secured & unsecured)
  3. Letters of Credit
  4. Standby letters of credit

Basic pre-approval requirements

  1. An application form completed and signed by the customer
  2. Memorandum and articles of association and certificate of incorporation
  3. Incase of individual operating in own name; proof of income stated in the application for as well as a copy of National ID and/or passport
  4. Copy of property tittle
  5. A search of the property to be carried out by legal department to confirm ownership and that no encumbrances exists over the property and also that the property is not reserved for any public utility