Verified By Visa Authentication Made Simple


  1. Purchase your goods online from your favourite shopping website.
  1. Make your online payment using your CBA Visa debit or credit card.
  1. Provide card payment details by entering the 16-digit card number, as well as the expiry date, indicated on the front of your card. You will also be required to provide the 3-digit code on the back of your card for verification.
  1. Once you have completed this step, a unique One Time Pin number will be generated and sent to you via SMS instantaneously.
  1. Enter the OTP number into the verified by Visa pop up window displayed on the device you are using to transact.


Once the correct OTP has been entered, the transaction will be approved and you will receive an SMS confirmation from CBA.


Frequently asked questions.

  1. What is the CBA Verified by Visa Service?
    An online card security service that secures transactions made on web-based shopping outlets. This security service uses a One Time PIN number, delivered through SMS, to authenticate online transactions.
  2. How can I sign up for CBA Verified by Visa service?
    All CBA debit and credit cards are automatically enrolled into the CBA VBV platform. The One Time PIN is generated automatically during the transaction process and sent to your mobile number.
  3. How much does it cost to use the CBA Verified by VISA service?
    This service is offered free of charge.
  4. Are all shopping websites Verified by Visa secured?
    No, however most merchants have implemented this additional security service. A non-compliant web-based shopping outlet will not have the capability to request the shopper to insert the OTP details.
  5. How do I know if a website is Verified by Visa enabled or is a secured website?
    The web address (URL) of a secure merchant website will typically begin with the prefix https. The additional “s” in the address denotes a secure website. Additionally, once a transaction has been made on a secure website, the OTP screen will be displayed.
  6. What if I don’t receive my OTP?
    Click the OTP resend button to generate a new OTP number. If the new OTP number is still not received, contact us on 0800 730 800 or via the numbers at the back of your card for further assistance.
  7. What if my card gets blocked while doing an online transaction?
    Contact us on 0800 730 800 or via the numbers at the back of your card for assistance
  8. What happens if i receive an SMS alert notifying me of an online transaction that I did not make?
    Alert us immediately for appropriate action.
  9. What if I wish to transact while traveling internationally. I will not be using my local number but will have a temporary mobile number at my destination.How will I get my OTP details?
    You are required to advise us each time you travel internationally. At the point of issuing the travel advice, please provide your temporary mobile number. You will then be able to receive the OTP SMS notification.